What do you have to offer?


Are you looking for something, unusual? Something others seem to have but you do not? There is this place, down the hall, near sector twenty-three. You can’t miss it, it has this sort of busy buzzing noise about it. The place has a promise it keeps, what you want we want. What you give, we take. What you receive, has a price. Or so the elderly hamster speaks…

The attendant at the door is a robot that has seen better days, the numbers seem to have faded from his metal husk. His voice box barely functioning, but it manages.


Everyone has a desire, some want snacks, some need supplies. Others, others just want what they wish to have. The price can be candy or sweets, the price can be handmade trinkets or devices found within the bunker. The price could be music, or it could be life…

Everything is this way, for this is how the bunker works. Mysteriously yet simple.


‘How can we assist you?’ This is not the right question. ‘What can we acquire?’ This is more honest. ‘What do you have to offer.’ This is the truth. The Barter Engaged Exporting System, B.E.E.S. was built as a service…


What do you offer today?

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