Missed connections

Missed Connections

If one was to open today’s edition of Toymorrow Gazette, you could read a few delicious tales of bunker life. You may even find a story about yourself. Though, there is a section, in the final pages of the paper. Here you can find, the missed connections. Today’s reads as follows.

Two Tuesdays ago we met. We wandered the same hall towards our primary objective. You were going South, I was going North. Our hands brushed against each other, we stopped. You were cool, calm and collected. I a mess, unable to properly function, unable to express in words the sheer amount of electricity I felt from our momentary touch. You were kind, apologetic. I was silent and in awe. I did not get your number, mine is Robot #5683.
Give me a call.

Last month, we crossed wires. We were entangled close together, I was burning up and you were as well. The steam between us was almost unbearable. In the end we struggled to be apart, though in truth. I wish we were still wrapped up together. Each day I think about you, when I look down at my workbench and see the severed cords from our encounter. I hope we run into each other again, look for me. Robot #7855, contact me.

I don’t want to waste anytime, yesterday we met. We had the same shift together at the power station, I was running, you were running. You looked at me and smiled, that brightened up my day tenfold. Today I did not see you, I ran slower than usual, my day was dark even though I work in such a bright place. Maybe you are just sick, maybe you were just a replacement for the day. Maybe one day we will run into each other in the mess hall. My name is Ellie, I’m in hamster bay 15. Catch up with me.

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