As visitors to Gonzo Enterprises may have noticed, there have not been a lot of new stories for a while. Allow Gonzo to explain the details and future directions of this website:

Dear friends, readers, random passers by and/or robots.
Currently there are a lot of other distractions and projects I am involved with, which make finding the time to write for the website regularly difficult.

As most of the story content that has appeared on Gonzo Enterprises is now also available over at Toy Soldiers Unite, I will adapt this website in the near future to feature different types of content.

There will still be a story section where I and/or others can submit stories to, but these will likely not be stories related to the Digital Bunker or the army of Toy Soldiers. When I write more of those, they will be submitted directly to Toy Soldiers Unite. I will keep an archive of the stories that have appeared in the past in chronological order.

I will start planning the website make-over as soon as possible, until then the content as is, is still available.

Thank you all for your support so far, and the great stories you all submitted. Please keep writing the TSU related ones and submit them here 😀

~ Gonzo