I suddenly notice I’m walking through an empty hallway, I do not remember what I am doing here. Come to think of it, who am I?

*looks at arms*

They’re made of metal, am I a robot?

*moves arms and listens to servo motors being activated*

Apparently I am, now what? I can’t remember being a robot, what do I do, shouldn’t my programming solve these things and not my thoughts?


If I’m a robot, why am I thinking, why am I walking along this hallway? Why have I not stopped walking yet?

*stops walking*

I see a person walking towards me, this one is definitely human.

“Who are you?”

“Ooooh a robot! Hello robot,” the human replied.
This confirms my earlier suspicions.
“I’m Gonzo, are you on duty in this corridor?” The human inquired.

Was I? No idea.


The human nodded, decided it would be fun to snap a picture of me, and went on with his slumbering down the halls, apparently in deep thought.

I should do the same, walk on and ponder this mystery.

*walks down the hallway in deep thought*

Excuse me

I should first start off by informing you about my home.

Welcome to the Bunker. I live here with many of my comrades and other creatures.  Some much larger than my kind, just so you know. I am a hamster after all. Though you may be wondering how I am communicating with you, it is quite simple. I am intelligent, I live with humans that build robots for fun, of course I can communicate with you.  Oh! A sunflower seed… Wait, back to the topic at paw.

The Bunker, larger and ever expanding. Though to us, the sole workforce that keeps everything going. Everything in here is small. We have a break room, a communal bedding sector for rest and the wheel room.

Wired Hamster

Us hamsters power everything, everything. The humans don’t exactly get that, the robots really don’t get that. Why can’t they get that? I smell popcorn… Right. I forgot to introduce myself.

My name is George, I am the elected king of the hamsters. I used to live with one of the humans here in the bunker, but it was  time for me to venture and make a name for myself.

In any case, it is a pleasure to meet your acquaintance. Though, I do forget why we were talking in the first place. Oh yes, that’s right. I just stopped you in the hallway.

Well, have a good day!

Don’t forget to drop off some almonds in the break room.